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AC 100A Digital LED Power Meter Monitor Voltage KWh Time Ammeter With CT


Voltage measuring range: AC 80 – 270V
Current measuring range: 100A
Rated power: 100A / 22000W
Operating frequency: 45 – 65 hz
Energy measuring range: 0 – 9999.99KWh
Power measuring range: 0 – 22000W
Working time: 0 – 9999.59hours

AC multifunction power meter:

1. Electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, power).
2. Run Time function (record load cumulative operating time).
3. Electricity, running time clear function.
4. With backlight function.
5. Power-down data storage function (Save the cumulative power, running time, display item and back light off status before power down.).
6. Large-screen LCD display function (display voltage, current, power, active power and the cumulative running time).


1. This module is suitable for indoor, not available for outdoor use.
2. Applied load can not exceed the rated power.
3. Wiring order can not be wrong.

Package includes:

1 x AC Multifunction Power Meter
1 x CT

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