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Scope of application: it applies to IOS system above 5.0 versions of ipad/iphone/ipod;
                                  it applies to Samsung series telephones i9220 /i9250 /i9300 / i9500/i9190
                                  it applies to brand telephones with Android system.
Working voltage: DC 3V
Working current: ≤1.5mA
Quiescent Current: ≤15uA
Battery capacity: 130mAh
Protocol Standards: “Bluetooth V3.0”
Band: 2.402GHz~2.480GHz unlicensed ISM band
Modulation: GFSK
RF output power: Class 2 (<4dBm)
Low-voltage lights: red
Bluetooth indicator:blue
System Indicators:blue
Bluetooth wireless distance:10M
Size: 32*32*10 mm
Color: black, white, red, yellow, blue


1) Two indicator light at a time indicates power ready after installing batteries.
2) Long press the button about 2s in shutdown mode, and loosen it until the blue indicator lights. The blue indicator light flashes and comes into paring statement. The telephone now can be searched, and named “YYX-002”.
3) Open telephones’ Bluetooth to search and pare the equipment “ YYX-002”. The blue indicator powers off if paring successful. The equipment will shut down without connection in 3 min. 
4) The button of photographing is the volume + button of ios and the Enter of Android.
5) Click the button to photograph in connection mode, and the indicator doesn't light.
6) Long press the button about 3s in connection mode, and release it to change systems when the blue indicator flashes.
7) Long press the button about 5s in connection mode, and release it to shut down until the blue indicator flashes tree times.
8) The red indicator flashes when the product under low state. The product needs to replace the battery in this case!
9) Please click the telephone for repair: settings—bluetooth—click “YYX-002”, or click the right icon on “YYX-002”—Canceling—reach again.

1) Please use standard button batteries DC3V.
2) If the product is damaged, please stop using it and send it to professionals for repair rather than disassemble it at your own discretion.
3) Please let it air-dry if there is water in the product. Do not expose it in the sun.
4) Do not wipe the product with a chemical reagent. Do not scratch the product with sharp objects. Please do not squeeze or cast the product.

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