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12V 8 x AA Battery Clip Slot Holder Stack Box Case 6 Inch Leads Wire


Battery Holder Box for 8pcs AA size batteries
This battery holder can hold AA standard size 8 batteries, either for alkalescent or rechargeable batteries.
This battery holder can be make to 12v battery output(1.5v x 8 =12v)
the opposite side is the same as the picture shown
Perfect external power source for electronic DIY
Be used as a perfect external power source
12V 8 x AA Battery Holder Box


Material: High Quality Plastic
Battery type: 8pc AA battery
Output Polarity: Positive Black, Negative Red
Size: 58 x 61 x 30mm
Wire: 150mm
Weight: 20g

Package included:

1 x Battery holder box for 8pcs AA batteries (not included battery)

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