The effective time of return: since the order confirmation within 7 days of the day following receipt.

The following conditions can be returned:

1. The quality of the product itself.

2. The goods and the goods themselves are packaged for sale, the original and the accessories are complete, does not affect the two sales.

If the sale, the business provides an invoice or gift, you need to be returned with the invoice and gifts;

The following circumstances will not be returned:

1. Any of the goods sold by the company (encoding does not match);

2. Has more than three bags of goods;

3. Unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, infusion and fall caused by faulty or damaged goods, not to return.

4. Pseudo fault or because the customers use environmental effect, after verification confirmed no fault, not to return.

5. Because of personal damage caused by improper use of goods, not to return.

6. Unable to provide goods the invoice (as has been to request an invoice), warranty card and so on Three Guarantees certificate or three packs of document information and commodity does not match and is altered;

Return freight:

1. Because of the quality of goods return, bear the return shipping the goods, need you in advance, after the refund contact customer service refund of freight;

2. Due to your personal reasons for the return, the purchase of the shipping and return shipping costs borne by you.